“MeiMei embodies that unique combination of a bright mind meeting an ever-expanding heart. As an experienced writer/ collaborator/ artist, she was both an enthusiastic champion of my words and a level-headed guide who knew when to jettison what no longer served, without looking back. She possesses the superpowers of unstoppable positivity, balance, and great common sense. She is smart, fast, clear, curious and a lover of words. She sets your imagination on fire.”
Frank Ostaseski

The Five Invitations

“Working with MeiMei is a joy.”

Ping Fu


New York Times bestseller Bend, Not Break

“Without MeiMei Fox, Fortytude would not have blossomed the way it has. She is an untapped goldmine. The book exemplifies her gift as a listener, friend, writer, and woman of fortytude.”

Sarah Brokaw


New York Times bestseller Fortytude

“MeiMei Fox joined my Expedition: Blue Planet team as the Expedition Writer for our three-month journey around the world. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook buoyed all our spirits. It was a delight to have her on our team.”

Alexandra Cousteau


Blue Legacy and Leader of Expedition: Blue Planet

“MeiMei exhibits a rare combination of outstanding qualities – a brilliant, insightful mind combined with a kind heart, a genuine sense of caring and compassion. In addition, her balanced integration of Heart and Mind is tempered by a healthy measure of common sense and a down-to-earth quality that makes her very easy to work with. She has my highest recommendation, without any reservations.”

Howard Cutler, MD

Author with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

New York Times bestseller The Art of Happiness

“When you meet MeiMei Fox you want to marry her. She looks like Uma Thurman, has the spirit and mind of Aung San Suu Kyi and the heart of Bambi. MeiMei is an incredible writer with logic and imagination that makes you wish you could be her. Seeing as you can’t, working beside her is the next best thing. She has a gentle knack of steering you in a better direction and makes you feel like it was your idea. You will never regret working with her; I didn’t and I’m ready for more.”

Alison Thompson

Author and Filmmaker

The Third Wave: A Volunteer Story

“Working with MeiMei Fox is like being able to have a conversation with your soul. Her openness and dedication to the core of the matter is what I appreciated the most in our work together. Like a laser she is able to spot the issues and open them for examination. Her demeanor is that of a true yogini: one of balance, humor, candor and compassion. She rocks, she soothes, she is the real deal.”

Pamela Serure


Take it to Heart and 3 Days to Vitality

“MeiMei Fox is compassionate, insightful, and efficient. She was able to perceive the key messages of my book, and helped me restructure it to deliver those messages with the greatest impact. She is also a pleasure to work with and a lovely human being.”

Robert Thurman, PhD

Professor of Buddhism, Columbia University; Author

Infinite Life

“MeiMei Fox is a woman who possesses a keen intellect, a fluid use of language, and the intuitive ability to understand and express the desires of the heart. She is gifted in working collaboratively and helps open doors to the unseen future. Working with MeiMei is a joy.”

Carole Isenberg


The Color Purple

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