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I have worked as a life coach to high performers since 2008, inspiring, guiding, and providing practical tools to my clients. I believe that we all have less control than we would like, but more power than we know. I will be your ally, strategic planner, accountability partner, cheerleader and confidante as you tap into your power.


My clients, among others, have included:


  • A musical artist influencer with a following of over 1M who was ready to launch her fashion label
  • A young man who went from uncertain about his future to building a $10M+ revenue company
  • A celebrated non-profit founder looking for deeper interpersonal connections
  • A midlife tech exec who made a complete career change
  • The head of a massive global NGO who wanted to align more with her spirituality

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Life coaching is a collaborative process that empowers you to achieve your loftiest goals, overcome challenges, and unlock your full potential. I believe in providing guidance, motivation, and practical tools to reach your dreams.

  • In our sessions, I’ll serve as your ally, strategic planner, accountability partner, cheerleader, and confidante. We’ll work together to tap into your inner power and create a path toward achieving your dreams.

  • Life coaching can benefit individuals from all walks of life who are motivated to make positive changes and take action toward their goals. It’s particularly effective for those seeking personal growth, career development, and assistance with life transitions.

  • To begin your life coaching journey, simply schedule a free 15-minutes consultation. We’ll discuss your goals and determine if I am the right fit for you.

  • I’ve been working as a life coach since 2008, accumulating years of experience in inspiring and guiding clients toward their goals and aspirations. I also have 3 degrees in psychology: a BA and MS from Stanford, and an MA in Counseling Psych!

  • I find the ideal is for us to meet online for coaching sessions every 2 weeks, with homework and check-ins in between. I ask for you to commit to a minimum of 6 sessions.

  • You can work on a wide range of goals, including personal development, career advancement, improved relationships, time management, stress reduction, and more. I have deep expertise in aligning your career with your life purpose, parenting and true love.

  • That’s perfectly normal, and part of the coaching process is helping you clarify your goals and aspirations. We’ll work together to explore your interests, values, and desires to set meaningful objectives.

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