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Ignite Your Life

Are you a high achiever who is looking for more in life? I can help. Align your career with your life purpose. Find true love. Be recognized as an expert by writing a book. Attain your most audacious goal.

Drawing on my training as a psychologist with a BA and MS from Stanford and a MA in Counseling who has worked with clients for 15 years, I’ll be your strategic planner, accountability partner, cheerleader and confidante.

Write Your Book

Share your story and build your brand! Writing your non-fiction book or memoir can cement your authority, increase your income, get you speaking gigs, lead to media appearances, and boost your profile as an influencer.

APPLY to join my 6-week online course, Your Bestselling Book. Join me for weekly Seminars and hands-on Workshops with an intimate cohort of change makers as I guide you through my proven process for authoring and publishing your book.

About Me

I graduated from Stanford University with Honors and Distinction, with both a BA and MS in Psychology. I then worked at McKinsey & Co. for two years before discovering my true passion as an author. In 2015, I was invited to contribute to FORBES, and have published at least 5 articles per month ever since.

After earning an MA in Counseling Psychology in 2008, I also began serving as a life coach. I love guiding high-achieving people to align with their purpose and transform their lives.

In 2023, I launched a 6-week online course, “Your Bestselling Book,” which provides a roadmap and small group Workshops to author and publish your nonfiction book or memoir. 

My mantra is

What People Are Saying

“MeiMei embodies that unique combination of a bright mind meeting an ever-expanding heart. As an experienced writer/ collaborator/ artist, she was both an enthusiastic champion of my words and a level-headed guide who knew when to jettison what no longer served, without looking back. She possesses the superpowers of unstoppable positivity, balance, and great common sense. She is smart, fast, clear, curious and a lover of words. She sets your imagination on fire.”

Frank Ostaseski Founder / Metta Institute

“MeiMei exhibits a rare combination of outstanding qualities – a brilliant, insightful mind combined with a kind heart, a genuine sense of caring and compassion. In addition, her balanced integration of Heart and Mind is tempered by a healthy measure of common sense and a down-to-earth quality that makes her very easy to work with. She has my highest recommendation, without any reservations.”

Howard Cutler, MD Author with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“When you meet MeiMei Fox you want to marry her. She looks like Uma Thurman, has the spirit and mind of Wangari Maathai and the heart of Bambi. MeiMei is an incredible writer with logic and imagination that makes you wish you could be her. Seeing as you can’t, working beside her is the next best thing. She has a gentle knack of steering you in a better direction and makes you feel like it was your idea. You will never regret working with her; I didn’t and I’m ready for more.”

Alison Thompson Filmmaker / Founder of The Third Wave Volunteers

“MeiMei is a mentor, friend, coach and overall wonderful person. She has awakened parts of my spirit and helped me tap into business faculties I never knew I had. Working with her has empowered me and allowed me to take charge and go for what I want in life. I have been able to turn key relationships into genuine lucrative business opportunities. I am blessed to know MeiMei and grateful for her influence in my life.”

Nikki Lund Singer, Fashion Designer / Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve had the privilege of being coached through a major career change by MeiMei. When I started with MeMei, I had one goal — to transform my 16-year career in the tech industry into something more meaningful that aligns with my values and brings me joy. However, I had no idea what that ‘something’ was. MeiMei put together a custom program that enabled me to knock down my mental barriers, challenge myself, and in under 6 months, begin my journey to launching a new career. I truly couldn’t have done it without MeiMei, and I can’t recommend making an investment in coaching with MeiMei highly enough!“

Hannah Livianu Tech Executive / Bay Area, CA

“MeiMei was invaluable in my search to figure out my life and where I wanted to go. Her easygoing and kind personality will put you at ease. She is an excellent listener but also full of helpful ideas and strategies that helped guide me down the right path. She has her own way of repackaging my jumbled, sometimes confusing thoughts that adds clarity and direction. Since I started working with MeiMei in 2009, I have built a successful eight figure business, started a family and become much more confident in myself. I continue to consult with her when I feel stuck or need help finding clarity. I cannot recommend MeiMei highly enough!

Jake Entrepreneur / San Jose, CA
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