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Founder & CEO of Your Bestselling Book | TEDx Speaker |
2x New York Times Bestselling Author | FORBES Contributor

From Stanford scholar to guiding others towards their dreams, my journey has been one of transformation and empowerment. I spent years crafting success stories as a coauthor for bestselling books, including Bend, Not Break and The Five Invitations. But my true passion lies in helping you unlock your own potential. Whether you’re seeking clarity on your life purpose or yearning to share your story with the world, I’m here to be your guide.





Share your story and build your brand! Writing your non-fiction book or memoir can cement your authority, increase your income, get you more and higher paid speaking gigs, lead to media appearances, and boost your profile as an influencer. Writing your story is also a powerful tool for healing, claiming control of your narrative, and leaving behind a legacy.

My company, Your Bestselling Book, offers a variety of a la carte solutions from a supportive community of high achieving authors, to ghostwriting, to one-on-one book strategy and writing coaching sessions. You can also join my 6-week course, which includes Masterclass-style seminars and hands-on workshops, led by me and connecting you with an intimate cohort of change makers. Contact me to learn how we can guide you through a proven process for sharing your story by authoring, publishing and promoting your book.


Are you a high achiever who is looking for more in life? I can help. Align your career with your life purpose. Find true love. Be recognized as an expert by writing a book. Attain your most audacious goal.

Drawing on my training as a psychologist with a BA and MS from Stanford University and a MA in Counseling Psychology who has worked with clients for 15 years, I’ll be your strategic planner, accountability partner, cheerleader and confidante.

My life wasn’t always sunshine and surfboards. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University and working at prestigious management consultancy McKinsey & Co., I faced divorce and family drama. But from the ashes rose a stronger me. I embraced spirituality, earned a MA in Counseling Psychology, and launched a coaching career guiding others to their purpose. I also fell in love on a Costa Rican beach, married my filmmaker husband Kiran, and became the blissful mama of twin boys. Now, living in Honolulu and traveling the world, I’m grateful for my unconventional path, my fulfilling work, and the mantra that keeps me going: “Fear less, Love MORE!”


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